Authentic, artisanal baking - the way it’s supposed to be.

A place where New World meets Old World.

Where a collection of passionate, boundary-pushing bread makers challenge and inspire one another to produce the highest-quality product, using the highest-quality ingredients.

Where a meticulous mentality serves to deliver the freshness and flavour that every New Zealander deserves.

Where less is more. Bread isn’t supposed to have 30 plus ingredients. Bread is meant to be simple, wholesome, nutritious. 

Each loaf hand crafted. Hence, Amano. Inspired by the Italian word for by hand, or with love. 

Amano Bakery celebrates the best of baking traditions from throughout the world and showcases these cultures throughout the day through an evolving menu.

Enjoy our French Viennoiserie range each morning - including croissants and cravats.

Lunch offerings include the Italian tradition of pizzas by the slice hot out of the oven, where fresh, seasonal ingredients combine harmoniously with our long fermented dough.

Amano Bakery respects the same food philosophy that permeates throughout all of our parent Hipgroup’s cafes and restaurants. That emphasis on sustainable, locally-sourced food. 

We feel a responsibility to pay homage to primordial techniques, and invite you to join us on our food journey.